Students are made to sit in meditation for concentrating the mind in a spiritual ideal, to be one with it and the thought process dissolving in the conciousness of it, which helps them to improve in three fields i.e. Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana. Meditation helps to inculcate in students the power of concetration, which helps them to learn things faster and vividly.

Namaste is the integral part of our routine. The word Namaste is been originated from the Sanskrit work Namah means "I bow" and te means "to you". Namaste means "I bow to you". This tradition is been taken in our school to greet each other. AT SVMS, our morning start with chanting Gayatri Mantra which is said to remove all obstacles in our path to increase wisdom and spiritual growth and development.

St. Vivekanand Millennium School believes inspiring students to become successful and responsible citizens. The curriculum delivered through an innovative combination of classroom and activity led learning. It is our mission to blen our strong cultural fundamentals of the Gurukul heriatage and other traditional systems with advanced modern learning tools, thus providing a new direction in education.

Stand Up, Be Bold, Be Strong. Take the Whole Responsibility On Your Own Shoulders and Know that you are the Creator of Your Own Destiny.

The Panchkoshas are commonly referred to us the five Hicrarchal level of energy in the body. Pancha Kosha is a certain discipline or methods which are based on the ancient texts of Indian Philosophy. The panchkosha helps to develop the students through Indian way. The word Panch stand for "Five" and kosha mean "Sheath or Shell" . Therefore, Panchkosha means five sheaths of human body.

District Football under 14 Tournament (Girls) was organized by Haryana Inter School Tournament at Tau Devi Lal Stadium. Our Team got First Position and 8 girls were selected for State Level Football championship.

Round II of SPAT was conducted by Goverment of Haryana and Haryana Olympic Association. 68 Students from our School Participated in it. 148 Participants from different schools of Pinjore block Participated.

Our School is the first in region to start Olympic Level Game-Archery for the student of Class V onwards. Demostration and Training has already being started by Ms.Mini Nehra, National Level Gold Medalist Player.

All the Participants of District THANG-TA Tournament held on 26th September under 14 for boys and girls were selected for State Level. It was Organized by Haryana Inter School District Tournament at Gurukul.

District Level Fencing Tournament 1st to 2nd September, Organized by Haryana Zonal Competition at Bhavan Vidhyalya, Sector 15 Panchkula. Some of our School students participated in this tournament.

Unnaynam-2014 was hosted in the School Premises on 15th and 16th November to reiterate the spirit of sportsmanship among students. Sh. O.P Sharma Additional Director Sports, Haryana graced the occasion with his presence.

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After Visiting, I realized that the school is an excellent example where the young minds are nurtured by the teachings and preachings of Swami Vivekanand.

-Vivek Atray/ I.A.S

Along with Good Education method, I am glad to say that they are also teaching students about Meditation and Panchkosha. SVMS is also encouraging students for Sports. Along with Education all this activities is important for students to be responsible citizens.

-Mrs. Latika Sharma/ MLA Kalka

Loving and Beautiful atmosphere of music. I feel proud to perform here.

-Danish Aslam Khan, / International Sarod player

I hope my association will continue.

-Nek Chand, / Rock Garden