Every Tuesday there is Hawan in the School Campus where the students and teachers chant mantras to seek the blessings of God. This regular feature helps us to inculcate spiritual values among the students which are essential in today's modern world. This is weekly activity is done for the students and staff who have their birthday in the previous week.


Everyday the students start their classroom learning with meditation. The silence period starts with blowing of Bigul. There is OM Naad through centralised PA System and everyone in the campus maintains silence & meditates. This regular feature provides mental strength to everyone present in the campus.


All the students participate in yoga. It is an integral part of our schedule. The yoga instructor guides them to do the yoga. Each and every child of the school knows different Aasnas and Surya Namaskar.

Health Run

It is a regular feature of our school. All the students are in the ground immediately after the assembly to go for health run. It energizes them to cope up with their busy schedule during the day.