From the Principal's Desk

St. Vivekanand Millennium School, Pinjore is endeavoring hard to actualize the ideology of Swami ji, to lay the firm foundation of character and to develop multifaceted and electrifying personality of the students.

The School believes in man making education. The seeds sown in our students are sure to grow into healthy trees as the years roll by. Students are gold mines infested with potentials of creativity and talents. It needs to be tapped, nurtured, nourished and channelized in the right direction. Success invariably comes only to those who adopt excellence as a perennial habit rather than pursue it as a goal to be achieved.

It is our mission to blend the strong and rich cultural fundamentals of the Gurukul heritage and other traditional systems with advanced modern learning tools, thus opening the new realms in education. We not only believe in imparting the mere education but also satiate the thirst of spiritual learning.

Learning here is very joyous process and a rich experience. We hope that together we and you as parents can carve the bright tomorrow of your wards and make him /her a good human being and a responsible citizen of India.

To me the most crucial crux of education is the complete concentration of mind; but not only the mere complilation of the facts. "If I get a chance to study again and I have a say in it, I'll never parrot the facts I would like to develop the power of concentration and detachment. And afterwards, I'll compile the facts myself with that inricate instrument."

Piyush Punj