How to Teach Your Child Environmental Responsibility?

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How to Teach Your Child Environmental Responsibility?

Teaching children to respect the environment is indeed necessary. After all, the future of our Earth is in their little hands. The mindless actions and ignorance of past generations have already left us in battle with several environmental degradations like pollution, water scarcity, and deforestation resulting in delivering harmful effects on every human being, animal, nation, and the planet. It is already too late. This is why today, the majority of parents are trying their best to understand their children the importance of conversing with the environment from a very early age. 

Now, if you are looking for the best way to help your child form a green mindset and eco-friendly skills, look at the tips suggested by St. Vivekanand Millennium School, which is one of the best schools in Pinjore.

Effective Ways to Teach Your Child Environmental Responsibility:

  • Start with Developing Small Habits: When it comes to instilling eco-consciousness in your child, it is important to start with your home. It can be as simple as teaching your child to conserve water, turn off the lights and fans when not to use, avoid food waste, etc.
  • Implement Good Waste Disposal Practices: Make sure you model good waste disposal practices at your home. It will help your child get used to it. What you can do is sort your trash based on categories like paper, plastic, biodegradables, etc. It will help your child distinguish these things.
  • Allow them to Spend Time in Nature: Help your child make frequent trips to nature. It can be anything that promotes nature such as parks, conservation areas, and remote places away from the city or any others. According to studies, the more children expose themselves to nature, the more they lead to better mental health in adulthood.
  • Recycling: Help your child make recycling a habit by teaching your child how to do it. Teach them how recycling can cut down a significant amount of waste left loose in the environment.
  • Planting & Gardening: One of the greatest ways to raise an eco-friendly child is to encourage them to plant trees or in sustainable gardening. Help them compost pits using biodegradable waste. In this way, you can instil the love of nature in your child.


These are some effective ways to ensure your child grows up to be an eco-conscious individual. There are numerous other ways as well. St. Vivekanand Millennium School, being the top CBSE school in Pinjore involve its students in environment-friendly activities to help them grow into aware citizens of the planet.

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