Our Campus- Learning Experience

Meditation Room


The school houses a Meditation room one of its own kind in the entire North region which has been set up for the spiritual development of the students. Short meditation session along with Om Gunjan is held for the students so that they become more focused and attentive in their studies. The school does not believe in physical punishment to students rather they are sent to the Meditation Room where they get a chance to realize their mistakes and think upon to improve themselves.

Amanashrya – The Value Tree


A tree depicting the virtues of Mahatma Gandhi has been named Amanashrya in the school premises. When any student feels stressed or depressed, he/she sits under the tree and writes Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram in the notebook to feel calm and relaxed. The objective of the whole venture is to inculcate values and a sense of duty in the students towards parents, teachers and society.

Eco Tank


An Eco tank has been made to make the children aware about the ecological balance. It shows the interdependence of the aquatic life & how various species interact with each other, natural cycle & different relationship between different species.

Rain Water Harvesting System


The children should be taught the appropriate use of the natural resources as its the need of the hour. Taking this into consideration a rainwater harvesting tank has been made in the school to replenish the underground water level. Rain Harvesting system makes the student realise their responsibilities towards conservation of water as the water – table is decreasing rapidly. The students are taught to save the drinking water as each water drop is precious for the living beings.

Atmavlokan- Know Your Trueself


Following the teachings the school believes in imparting the timeless teachings of our apostle Swami Vivekananda to the students. The concept of three mirrors Swami, Vivek, Anand is an attempt to ponder over the most essential need of self introspection.



To imbibe the Harmony and Mortality in students, Panchvati has been build up in the school premises where a sculpture of Mahatma Budha has been located surrounded by five trees. These five trees extents message of Peace and one can feel the positive vibes too.

Yellow Lines


It is important for children to create comprehensive awareness about road safety rules and regulations. So the yellow lines have been marked in the school corridors and the children are instructed to follow them and walk on the left side.

Under Mango Tree (Machaan Tree)


A 75 year old beautiful and majestic mango tree is an elderly figure in school premises. It gives pleasant, relaxed, & comfortable feeling. In fact, it is a living memorial of many events. There is an emotional connection with it as we see it every day and various events and activities are conducted under its soothing shade.

Bio degradable & Non biodegradable Dustbins


To sensitize the younger generation about managing the waste in a hygienic and scientific manner, bio degradable & non biodegradable dustbins are installed in the school premises. Waste is separated and treated so that it no longer cause a toxic impact on the environment before it is finally disposed of.