5 Ways to Teach Your Child About Personal Safety

5 Ways to Teach Your Child About Personal Safety

Parents always want their children to stay within the safe home nest for as long as possible. It is because of the fear of dangers that their children could be exposed to. But on contrary, children are little explorers, active, independent, and keen to discover the world around them. But, hopefully, there are ways to minimise your child’s potential risks, no matter whether they are at home or outside.

The best way to protect your children from potential risks is to teach them about safety as recommended by St. Vivekanand Millennium School, the Best CBSE School in Pinjore. They suggest some ways for parents to provide a safe and nurturing environment and teach children about safety.

5 Effective Tips to Teach Your Child About Personal Safety:

  • Risk Development: Taking risks is not a bad thing. Instead, if you allow your child to take risks, they will more likely to learn to test their boundaries, understand their capabilities, become self-sufficient, and more. But, it is also true that younger children are unaware of how dangerous or unsafe the situation might be. Here comes the role of adult supervision. If you guide your child and provide them with age-relevant ways to approach new opportunities, you can help your child to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Demonstrate Safe Behaviours: Make sure your actions are aligned with what you want to teach your child. It is because there is a general tendency among children to copy their parents and elders. So, it is important to model safe behaviours to what you tell them verbally.
  • Be Consistent & Repeat Safety Rules: It is important to explain to your child why it is important to be safe in simple language so that they can understand your points and comprehend them. As your child develops risk perception, talk to them about the benefits and consequences of the risk they are taking. 
  • Start from the Home: A home is a place where children feel most comfortable taking risks. This is the reason why it is important to prepare your home to minimise injuries and falls. The best thing about home is that here you can supervise your child every second of the day.
  • Encourage Safe Play: Never miss an opportunity to help your child to explore freely and practice their safety skills with the added benefits of developing their confidence and competence in their abilities.



By providing them with knowledge, abilities, and self-esteem that are age-appropriate, personal safety encourages kids to participate in their defence. St. Vivekanand Millennium School, the Best CBSE School in Pinjore, suggests parents give their children a secure and nurturing atmosphere while also teaching them how to stay safe.

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