How to Introduce Basic Concepts of Science to Your Toddler?

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How to Introduce Basic Concepts of Science to Your Toddler?

Science comes naturally to young children as they are curious and conduct experiments with their toys and the things around them all the time. So, this is not a daunting task to incorporate scientific methods and processes into young people’s daily lives. But, experts also suggest parents to not take this so lightly. Instead, parents should pay enough attention to teach kids about science. After all, when kids grow up in a science-friendly home where they are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, experiment, explain their reason, and create models, they will naturally grow up as science-minded children.

But what are the best activities and ways to teach science to your child? Not sure about the answer? Don’t worry! St Vivekanand Millennium School, one of the top schools in Pinjore, is here to answer your question. They provide some tips that will help you introduce basic concepts of science to your child.

4 Ways to Introduce Toddlers to Science:

  1. Make it Fun: Your toddler’s life is full of curiosity, so make sure that everything in your toddler’s life is built around fun. So, it is better to help your child learn science through several fun activities and games. Nearly all kinds of plays are brilliant to approach topics such as science and technology. You can also choose some science-based toys for your child to help him/her pick up knowledge of the universe.
  2. Songs & Dance: Songs and dance are another effective way to get your toddler into science. There are some specific songs and dances suitable for toddlers covering more relatable topics such as planets and biology that can help your child learn basic science.
  3. A Healthy Amount of Screen Time: Nowadays, parents are more or less worried about the screen time of their children. It is because this present generation of children is growing up glued to phones, laptops, or tablets. But, a healthy amount of screen time proves to be good for children. But make sure you encourage your child to watch some meaningful videos rather than watching mindless videos. What you can do is make time to help your child find some innovative apps and games that are great to promote a healthy, necessary relationship with screens while providing a great opportunity to start expanding his/her interest in science.
  4. Start with Things They See Every Day: You can introduce science subtly using everyday things. It is the great and the most effective way to introduce science to your child rather than dropping loads of new topics on them.
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